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Pool Deck, Paver Patio and more in Mt. Juliet!

Adding an Outdoor Grill, Seating Walls and a Firepit

Outdoor grill on paver deck.A homeowner in Mt. Juliet contacted us about installing a Pool Deck. Her pool deck project's needs were obvious: her pool deck had been poured with white concrete many years ago and had developed cracks all over the surface. She had decided to jackhammer it all out. She wanted a complete pool deck redo. After some discussion, the homeowner indicated she not only wanted the pool deck replaced, but she also wanted a grilling station, some seating walls, and firepit.


Pool Deck Patio Design

The next step was to come up with a design. After measuring the complete area of pool and house relationship to the pool, we went back to our office and worked on the computer design. About a week later the homeowners came to our office and our outdoor display to see the design we came up with and to pick out the products and colors they wanted to use. We also provided the estimate of what it was going to cost. There were a few revision requests, as there typically are, such as to enlarge the pool deck and reposition the grilling station.


Paver patio, pool deck, outdoor firepit and seating walls and grill.Choosing the Right Paving Stone for the Seating Walls and Firepit

The owners chose UNILOCK Olde Quarry ‘Sandstone’ walls for the seating walls, fire pit, and grill station. We used a contrasting color for the pool deck using UNILOCK’S Bristol Valley Paver ‘Copper Ridge color’. The main section of Bristol Valley Pavers is warmer tones so for the walls the cooler tones compliment the pavers nicely. The building of the pool deck project went well besides a few rain days and some cold winter days. 

We service Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Hermitage, Old Hickory, Gallatin, Donelson, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and neighboring Tennessee cities.


Here you see we used a contrasting color for the pool deck using UNILOCK’S Bristol Valley Paver ‘Copper Ridge color’.Added more Patio Space, a Wall
and a Grill Station

We ended up having a few more revisions once construction started by adding more patio space, a wall to hide the pool equipment, and a backsplash to the grill station for use as a bar. 

We also built a seat couch around a fire pit to give folks a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the fire and the overall view of the patio. We built seating walls around the entire back pool deck for more seating and to hold up the hill side of the back yard. 

Added LED Low-Voltage Lighting for Nighttime Ambiance.

There were also LED low-voltage lighting built into the sitting walls, seat couch, & grill island.  The low-voltage lights create a wonderful ambiance at night. 

If you have an outdoor paver project, whether it's a thinking about a paver driveway, a paver patio, tearing out that old wood deck, or an old concrete pool deck that needs a face lift, – don't hesitate to call or e-mail us to find out what we can build for you. Call Us Today! 615-443-0401.

We offer free consultations, a wide variety of paver & wall textures, colors and sizes, and we love to create outdoor living designs that will last a lifetime.

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