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Driveway Pavers Cost

Driveway Pavers CostWhat do driveway pavers cost? We get this question a lot. This question can be taken two ways:

  • What do the actual driveway pavers themselves cost?

  • What do driveway pavers cost to be installed?

To answer the first question, driveway pavers are made in different ways, shapes and sizes. We compare the varying cost of driveway pavers to that of floor tile. There are a number of different styles and quality, just like tile.

The least expensive paver, a concrete 4"x 8" Holland stone, will cost you around $1.80 per square foot, while the high end Unilock's Belpasso paver is around $17.00 per square foot. There are countless different options in between these two price points.

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Paver Quality Makes a Difference

Quality is the biggest reason for price differences in driveway pavers. We have all heard the saying that you get what you pay for, pavers are no different. A cheaper driveway paver will start to deteriorate faster, soak in oil, grease, & grime. Colors will also start to fade faster than a higher quality paver. A mid to high end paver often has a face mix, which prevents color fading, oil stains, ice melt, and deterioration. Most mid to high end pavers have a lifetime warranty on the color, guaranteeing against fading.

The Cost of Installing Pavers

The second question is what do driveway pavers cost installed? Every paver driveway job is different, so the price will vary from house to house. No two homes are exactly alike or built on land with the same topography. Every house new or old will have different installation needs such as degree of excavation, gravel base needs, quantity needs, and labor needs. Many different things need to be taken into account when giving a driveway paver cost:

    Cost of Driveway Pavers
  • What are the elevations of your lot?

  • Do any areas need to be built up or lowered down?

  • What are the city codes?

  • What are your subdivision codes?

  • Is there room for a large machine to work or small machine?

  • Is there parking for the construction vehicles?

  • Are there any issues with delivering materials such as gravel, sand or pavers?

  • How strong of a gravel base do I need?

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Things to Consider about the Cost of Pavers

Besides the pavers themselves, elevations and machine access will play the biggest role in your driveway paver cost. Lower elevations may require additional gravel needed for proper leveling. A lot with enough room for a bigger machine will lower the cost. Bigger machine use will cause less total time meaning less labor needed.

The cost to install most pavers will not vary among types. Intricate patterns, designs, or inlays will usually add to the cost. Once you add it all up, driveway pavers cost anywhere between $7 a square foot and $22 a square foot.

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