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Brick Patio

A Great Way to Enhance Your Home

Brick PatioA brick patio is the ideal solution for any homeowner wanting a beautiful outdoor living environment. They can be installed with nearly any shape, size, or color imaginable, and offer unlimited solutions for your home.

A professionally installed brick patio by Eastman Hardscapes will be smooth enough for even the smallest of bare feet to walk on without the worries of splinters or small rocks. Because of the indestructible nature of brick patios, they can be kept in like-new condition with very little maintenance, and when installed properly will last a lifetime.

We service Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Hermitage, Old Hickory, Gallatin, Donelson, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and neighboring Tennessee cities.

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The uses of brick paver patios are not as popular as they once were but they can still add beauty to any home. Brick pavers can be used whether they are old or new. They can be made into any shape or size imaginable. We like to use brick pavers in correlation with concrete pavers. Making a brick paver rug or quilt gives you a nice focal point in your patio. A brick paver entrance can enhance a boring concrete driveway.

Choosing a Brick Patio Design

Brick Patio DesignWhen designing a brick patio, thought should be given to the size, shape, elevation, color, sun exposure, lawn transition, and landscaping. Eastman Hardscapes' design professionals work with all homeowners to design your ideal patio. Many conditions should be considered to determine the size of your brick patio.

At Eastman Hardscapes, we have many brick patio ideas and designs to work with. In order to determine the ideal size of your brick patio one must assess the endless possibilities of outdoor living space.

Here are few considerations to help in determining the size and style of your Brick Patio:

  • How many people are in your family?
  • How often do you entertain?
  • How many tables and chairs do you need for dinners, etc.?
  • How many people might you expect at a family gathering?
  • How many people would you have with a community or block party?
  • Will you barbeque outside on your new patio?
  • Do you need an outdoor bar and refrigerator?
  • Are there children who would play on your brick patio?
  • Do you want to incorporate a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor seating areas?
  • Would you like an area for star gazing?
  • Will you be adding a pool now or in the future?
  • Do you need room for an outdoor hot tub or sauna?
  • What is your relationship with the flora and fauna, landscaping, flowers, herb gardens, etc.?

Once all the obvious questions about uses of your brick patio are answered, then questions about the engineering must be asked.

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Some Brick Patio Ideas

Over the years we have come up with and used quite a few different brick patio ideas. The most popular idea is to use a brick paver as a border or accent border in a concrete paver patio. This could be done with bricks that may have been left over when your house was built.

You could build a patio using bricks that you have collected throughout the years, or there is a wide array of new ones available for use. One brick patio idea is to incorporate new or old bricks into columns, seat walls, benches, & fire pits. New or old, bricks are excellent material to use in a patio.

Paver PatioBrick Patio Installation is a Precise Science

Here some important questions to consider when installing a brick patio:

  • Are there steps needed, if so how many and what are the possibilities?
  • Where will the water drain?
  • Does the brick patio need to be raised to eliminate steps?
  • What shape would you like or what shape complements the house?
  • Does the patio need to be tiered or terraced?
  • Are there walkways to consider?
  • Do you want your patio to lead to other outdoor structures?
  • Does the it need the support of a wall?
  • Are there any privacy concerns to address in the design?

Once we determine the size and engineering of your brick patio, Eastman Hardscapes' experts will help to determine design possibilities as far as shape, brick paver types, patterns, and of course, colors.

Contact the experts at Eastman Hardscapes today so we can help beautify your home!

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