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Retaining Wall

Retaining WallRetaining wall blocks come in many shapes and sizes. Most retaining wall block colors are in the earth tone family: greys, browns, tans, or mixtures of these together. They also come in sizes ranging from small 20 pound units to mammoth blocks that weigh up to 3000 pounds each.

Retaining Wall Blocks of any Kind

The criteria in which you should choose your retaining wall by is the size and or scale of the project. Another criteria is texture. Retaining wall blocks have many different textures such as smooth, split faced, beveled, or rock faced. Some blocks have many different sizes that are used together in the wall.

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The Many Uses of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be used in various ways around your home. Eastman Hardscapes has been installing retaining walls for many years and have seen multiple kinds of installations. Retaining walls can be used to level a yard, hold up a driveway or patio, or as a raised planter.

Retaining Wall BlockIf you have a severely sloped yard, retaining wall terraces can be built to add usable spaces. A seat wall on your patio is a popular retaining wall idea that adds a lot of extra seating; perfect for parties. A built in fountain is another great retaining wall idea that can add a nice focal point. Some retaining walls can be used as steps.

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The Vesatility of Segmental Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be made from various different materials. A few different kinds of are segmental units, concrete blocks, brick, poured in place concrete, & natural stone. Wall height should be the main factor in deciding which material to use. Most retaining wall materials have a certain height that they cannot exceed.

Segmental retaining walls come in many different shapes, textures and colors. At Eastman Hardscapes, we typically only use segmental retaining wall units. Segmental retaining wall units are very versatile. They can be used for anything from short landscape bed walls to tall walls with a building on the top. They can also be built straight or with curves.

We have Retaining Wall Design Experts

Segmental Retaining WallProper retaining wall design is an important factor in ensuring the enduring function and purpose of the wall. Not too many people want their wall to fall down.

There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a retaining wall. How tall is the wall? What will be on top of the wall? What is the terrain that the wall is going to be built on? What blocks will be used? This and many other factors will determine how a professional will design your retaining wall. If your wall is going to be over three feet tall, you will likely need a professional engineer to design your retaining wall. Most municipalities will require an engineer retaining wall design and stamp if the wall has more than three feet exposed. A properly designed retaining wall will have a footer, some blocks embedded in the ground, geo-grid reinforcement, drainage pipes, & caps. Always consult a professional when building a retaining wall over one foot tall.

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