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Our Unique Story

About Eastman Hardscape Construction

Thank you for visiting our home! This is our family and our story.

I am Chuck Eastman. I graduated from the University of Tennessee in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design in 1975. I worked in the industry for a few years, and with my wife Judy pregnant with our first child, started our company in 1978. I began in landscape design and installation, with projects ranging from small yards to commercial complexes. Through the years our company installed retaining walls, pathways, walkways, landscaping, irrigation systems, seeding, and outdoor lighting throughout Tennessee. Our business was diversified among various different projects and tasks, but one thing was missing.

In 2000 our business changed forever. Our first child decided, after graduating from the University of Tennessee in Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape Design, that he would join the company. Charles was the missing piece. He brought a hard work ethic, new ideas and vitality to our company. Since Charles' arrival we have altered our direction to focus directly on Hardscape design and installation.

Charles and I have found our calling.

Our company is now the Premier Hardscaping firm in Middle Tennessee. We are unique not only in our superior Craftsmen, Low Overhead, Design ability, Professionalism, and Experience, but also in the products we offer. We have a unique mix of manufacturer's to work with such as UNILOCK and BELGARD.

We are the sole dealer of UNILOCK south of the Mason Dixon line. UNILOCK is the oldest manufacturer of pavers and walls in the United States. They offer some of the most unique and attractive products in the world! From their Copthorne Old World pavers to their 24" x 24" Rivenstone, which is modeled after bluestone, to their walls and fireplaces, their products offer exceptional quality and are quite impressive.

We are the first 'Authorized Contractor' of BELGARD products in Nashville. As an 'Authorized Contractor' BELGARD has enough confidence in us that they warranty their products we install for LIFE, and we warranty our work for 5-years. BELGARD has a beautiful line of Hardscaping pavers and walls including their new 'Arbel' pavers which have the appearance of real stone!

To appeal to all our customers' wants and needs we also install PAVER LOCK, which has its 'Color Lock' system; and SOUTHERN TRADITION™ pavers which are made locally.

We are constantly learning and trying new and different techniques. We would love to come to your home and see what unique ideas we can create for you!
If you can dream it, we can design and install it.

It is truly wonderful that on nearly every project I hear, "It looks better than I ever dreamed."

Let's dream it together!

Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon!
Chuck Eastman

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