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Paver Patio

Paver PatioA paver patio is a terrific way to add curb appeal and interest to your home. Using pavers to build a patio is a worthwhile investment.

Why use pavers you might ask? Pavers provide a way to add individuality to your home. Using pavers for your patio gives you a wide range of design, color, shapes, sizes, and finishes.

We service Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Hermitage, Old Hickory, Gallatin, Donelson, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and neighboring Tennessee cities.

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Many Advantages of Paver Patios

Pavers are colorfast, slip resistant, resistant to de-icing salts, resistant to chlorine & salt water, and backed by the manufactures lifetime guarantee.

Building a paver patio is like adding another room to your home without the heating and cooling bill. It offers a great space for wining, dining, or just relaxing. Elements such as fire places, fire pits, seating walls, columns, and low voltage lighting can add a personal touch to your patio. Big or small, a paver patio will make you the envy of the neighborhood, and something to be enjoyed for many years to come!

Paver Patio Installation

Paver patio installation requires professional knowledge and tools. Do not be fooled by some HGTV & DIY shows that tell you installing pavers is an easy weekend project. Installing pavers correctly takes time, know how, and a lot of specialized equipment. The first pavers were done by the Minoans in 5,000 B.C. The Romans built the first interstate system using pavers 2,000 years ago. Some of those roads are still in use today. When installed properly, pavers will outlast your home.

Paver patio installation starts with the foundation, or what we call 'the base'. As with any good home, a paver patio needs a strong foundation. A patio must have a minimum of 2-4 inches of compacted gravel. The trick is to make the gravel smooth with no humps or dips, and with a slight slope for water to drain off. This is done with laser transits. Eastman Hardscapes takes extra effort to get the base as perfect as possible. When the base is complete, we screed one inch of sand, then lay the pavers onto the sand. Curves are cut, edges are restrained, pavers are compacted, the joints are filled with sand, and finally the pavers are cleaned off. The paver patio is now ready to be enjoyed.

Expert Paver Installation by Eastman Hardscapes

Paver Patio InstallationEastman Hardscapes has been installing pavers full time for over 12 years. Our team has taken many courses and had apprenticeships to learn the best way to install paver patios. The most important thing we learned was that it is a lot easier to install pavers correctly the first time than have to fix failed pavers.

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