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Fire Pits

A picture of a beautiful outdoor fire pitIf you want a fire feature to add to the appeal, warmth and comfort of your property, but feel you don't really want a full-fledged fireplace installed, you should consider getting a Fire Pit Installation for your home.

These are extremely attractive and versatile features that can be installed on decks, patios, or any other yard space. They provide you the warmth and coziness required to sit out comfortably on nights when there is a nip in the air.

We service Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Hermitage, Old Hickory, Gallatin, Donelson, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and neighboring Tennessee cities.

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Custom Fire Pits

An outdoor custom fire pit on a patioWe at Eastman Hardscape Construction are a premier hardscaping company in Middle Tennessee that has been providing customers across the region with custom fire pit installation solutions. We have a very efficient and detailed approach to designing and installing fire pits:

  • When you call us with your requirement, we come over to your property and survey the space where you want the fire pit installed. In case our experts find that there will be any practical difficulties, they will provide suggestions about other spots that would be suitable for a gas fire pit installation.

  • We will take detailed measurements of the space you finalize.

  • The existing features and architectural elements will be taken into account while creating the fire pit plans. The objective is to create a seamless look on your property.

  • Our designers also understand what your specific preferences are and then provide fire pit ideas that would appeal to your tastes. You will also be shown samples of various materials; and you can choose from the stunning range of high grade Unilock fire pit products. Our designers will provide complete information and consultation about these materials, which will help you make a well-informed

  • We will install pavers of your choice, based on the type of materials you have chosen for your fire pit.

Try a Gas Fire Pit

Custom gas fire pits are a specialized service our company provides. You can choose from brick fire pits, or even ones made of natural stone or concrete. The latter could be clad with stone or brick veneer if you like. You can choose from burners such as square, rectangle, round and star shapes etc. and create the kind of look you want on your property.

If you like, you can choose to get additions such as fake logs for these gas fire pits. When you hire our services, you get stunning fire pits and other hardscaping features that create a superb look in your landscape. There are a number of reasons why gas fire pits are a great option:

  • They have a safe operation as there is more controlled burn.

  • It's convenient to use and all it requires is a click a switch to get the fire started or turned off.

  • You only have to extend the gas line from the main house to this installation and don't have to make any other special arrangements.

  • No worrying about stocking firewood and creating a fire from scratch.

  • A gas fire pit is an eco-friendly option as the elements that are released into the air are relatively harmless to the environment.

  • There is no smell when you are using this type of fire pit and the food you may grill over the fire also doesn't have any specific scent or after–taste.

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DIY Fire Pit

Many homeowners are also DIY enthusiasts and like to handle fire pit installation work themselves. Our DIY Fire Pits are an excellent option for them. These are complete kits that come with detailed installation information. However, if you find any difficulty in installing these, we'd be happy to provide you advice and assistance with the task.

There are also a number of fire pit filling options you can choose from such as colored glass beads, colored crushed glass , lava rocks as well as volcanic rock, and colored glass gems. Regardless of the size of the project or what your requirement is, we can provide you all the UNILOCK materials and products you need for your DIY fire pit project. They have stunning fire pits and fireplaces of exceptional quality and design.

In addition to the actual fire pits, we have a wide selection of different caps that you can put on them- these could be made of tumbled full-nose & natural stone cut that are specially made to fit on your custom-built stone fire pits.

Spark Screens

An outdoor fire pit with a spark screen on top and flames coming outWe can provide custom made stainless steel spark screens that don't rust and can be used for your wood burning fire pit; they keep fire embers inside the fire pit and are a nice safety feature. When you opt for a spark screen for your fire pit, it allows you to relax around the burning logs without worrying about the embers flying out and harming anyone.

It's also the best way to protect your patio furniture and cushions etc. from getting damaged. Apart from these factors, it's also the responsible thing to do as it greatly reduces the chances of a fire breakout from any embers that might leap out of the fire pit. The comfort level that you achieve when you use a spark screen makes it worth every single penny.

An Outdoor Fire Pit Of Any Kind

These are custom wood burning/gas burning fire pits and you will find we have installations of various sizes and shapes. Many of our customers opt for the round stone fire pits. Our brick outdoor fire pits are extremely popular; many customers also choose ones made of concrete and natural stone etc, from companies like Unilock.

Another beautiful fire pit with concrete paversYou can choose from various Unilock products that will add charm and value to your home. We are the very first Unilock products' 'Authorized Contractor' in Nashville. The company has sufficient confidence in us that they provide lifetime warranties for their products that we install for our clients. Our company also provides a 2-year iron clad warranty on workmanship.

We offer customized outdoor fire pit installations, and you are assured of the tailor-made solutions that fit right into your budget. Since our company maintains very low overheads, we are able to provide our customers cost-effective solutions.

When you hire our services, you are always assured of getting value for money. We are an experienced and well-respected company and have been in this business since 1978.For any more information about our services, please call Eastman Hardscape Construction.

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