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Driveway - Concrete or Brick

A beautiful driveway with brick paversAlmost every property residential and commercial has a driveway. It is often the first thing people see when entering into your property. So it's fair to say your driveway forms a large part of the first impression your property gives others.

Let us ensure that your driveway is not only functional but also one that will increase your curb appeal. We are your driveway experts.

We service Nashville, Mt Juliet, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Hendersonville and neighboring Tennessee cities.

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A Concrete Driveway or Brick Driveway is What We Recommend

Not only do you want a driveway that is aesthetically appealing but you also want one that is durable and will withstand any harsh weather conditions and heavy vehicle loads.

We at Eastman Hardscape Construction highly recommend the use of brick or concrete pavers for your next driveway project. Our professional and experienced teams of paver installers have all the knowledge and the expertise to install a paver driveway that will make yours the property to envy in your neighborhood!

Why Opt For A Brick or Concrete Driveway?

Anotehr beautiful concrete drivewayLet us discuss some of the many benefits you will be able to reap when you use brick or concrete paving stones for your driveway:

  • Aesthetics - A driveway made using concrete or brick pavers look stunning and since these paving stones are available in a range of designs, colors and styles, you can create the look you want on your property. These pavers add to the overall appeal of your property and increase its value as well.

  • Durability - Concrete is intrinsically a very strong and resilient material and is highly weather-resistant. It doesn't get impacted by climatic changes and it can withstand heavy wear-and-tear as well. In fact, they are resistant to de-icing salts too, which make them the ideal material for outdoor use.

    As long as the driveway construction has been handled by experts like us, and has the right kind of borders and edging, it can easily last for decades. High-grade paver manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty on their concrete products- that's how strong these units are. Brick pavers are extremely long-lasting too and add a classic appeal to the landscaping.

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Some Other Advantages of Brick or Concrete Pavers

  • Low Maintenance - When property owners get any outdoor installations done, they look for low maintenance solutions. After all, no one wants to spend excessive amounts of time and money on caring for these features. Concrete and brick paver stones are extremely low maintenance.

    When we handle paver installation, we ensure that the joints are tightly packed and also use herbicides and sealers- this prevents weeds from growing in the joints. In case any damage occurs, the pavers can easily be replaced; only the affected units will be replaced with new ones and this doesn't impact the integrity of the paving in any way.

  • Value - Both, brick and concrete paving isn't very cheap, but definitely provides value for the money. Since pavers last for so many years and are extremely low maintenance, the overall concrete paver cost works out to be very reasonable in the long term.

Driveway Construction Done Right

We are one of the leading driveway construction companies in the region and handle projects of every scale. We can tear out old concrete, old asphalt and do new driveway constructions also. For customized paver driveway installations call Eastman Hardscape Construction with your project details today. You can send a request for a free estimate or simply call us at the numbers below, and speak with our experts today.

For more information, simply call Eastman Hardscape Construction at 615-443-0401. Ask us for free estimate via the form on this page. We will get back to you shortly.

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